Morning Gorgeous xx

Apologies all if I haven’t posted in a while.  I have to say that life has been extremely busy and I’ve been very, VERY focussed on a small number of issues…

I haven’t yet resolved those issues, in my mind they’re ongoing. But I can’t physically / mentally do anything about them – or I can, but it’s extreme. And it requires more thought and attention than I wish to give. I can’t change those issues, and they hurt – really hurt. To the point that I cry almost everytime I think about them. But neither that, nor the more extreme option will do anyone any good. I just need to ride them out and hope that someday, someone who was in a position to resolve them sees my point of view.

But anyway, deep breaths; breathe slowly – You need to be the Strong, Confident, Woman that everyone is expecting you to be; as you need to rebuild your personality to match who you are striving to become. And that also means rebuilding your life out of the mess that Bert has left behind. That is no mean feat as he really fucked things up on his way out of the door…

Vikki x


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