A Quick Note…

Morning Gorgeous xx

How are you all my lovelies, hope you’re all OK. Good. 🙂

As the title says, this is a quick note. A very quick note. Did you even think it was possible for me to write a quick note??? Shhhh, don’t tell anyone; but it is…

I know that these posts go out across the internet, and they go out in various ways; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. I have a little bit of an audience, and I thank you all for reading. I hope you like what I write and I do read and mod all the comments that come into the blog from you guys & gals. I will, however, only ever permanently release the verifiable ones (I check the spam folder often too). Hence why there’s not very many comments kicking around.

But that’s not the point, the point is; I’m going to lose some of my audience and I want people to know this – I’m not a self-obsessed freak; as some of the spam comments have mentioned and I want to advise you that posts are going to disappear from certain sites. (Facebook in particular). The reason for this is beyond my control, but this change has come at a good time. Whether I wanted to do it or not, it’s for the best.

So, if you read this via my Personal Profile on Facebook; this is the probably the last post you will see. If you don’t want to see this anymore (and I fully understand if you don’t), DON’T DO ANYTHING – I don’t want you to.

BUT. If you are reading this that way, and you do want to carry on reading; look for the link to the public page that I will put up next. All new posts from now on will appear on there.

Right, well; I’ve got some work to do sorting this out…

Much Love,


Vikki xx


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